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Philosophy of Christian Service:  The ministries of MCC are performed in the name of Christ, arising in response to human need and the call to Christian discipleship.  The program uses personnel with a wide variety of skills, backgrounds and levels of education and maturity.  MCC hopes that both personnel and program can serve as channels for healing and reconciliation in a broken and divided world.

Personal Qualities:  People are carefully selected for assignments, taking into account the resources of the individuals and the demands of the assignment.
MCC seeks to select persons who:
  • are committed to the Christian faith and philosophy of service summarized above and have active membership in or demonstrated commitment to and participation in a local Christian church;
  • are ready to identify with and participate in the life and activity of the Christian church and the community where assigned;
  • possess the personal, spiritual, social and vocational resources needed for creative work in demanding situations;
  • demonstrate resilience where needed for adjustment to new ideas and cultures and have aptitude to learn a foreign language if necessary;
  • are willing to be responsible to a group, accepting financial limitations, new social patterns and the disciplines of a working community;
  • are capable of working within the framework of program goals and at problems of program and human relations with honesty and openness;
  • are willing to live simply and healthfully, being mutually supportive to each other and respectful of other cultures and beliefs and of MCC's supporting constituency;
  • are aware of and willing to gain further awareness of powers and privileges they may have by virtue of their gender, race, ethnicity, nationality or other characteristics, and will actively work to avoid abusing any of these powers and privileges;
  • are able and committed to see others as individuals created in God's image, loved by God as persons through whom and with whom God is working.
Faith Criteria and Lifestyle Expectations: MCC personnel serve in a diversity of cultures around the world, with a myriad of interpretations of appropriate Christian lifestyles. MCC personnel are expected to model respect and love for others even in the face of contradictory expectations. Local MCC program leadership will determine which church and community standards are to be followed locally.

Specific lifestyle expectations for all MCC personnel include:
  • Living Simply;
  • No alcohol or tobacco use on MCC premises or at MCC-sponsored events;
  • Sexual celibacy outside of heterosexual marriage;
  • Responsible internet use.
If you are invited to an MCC assignment and before you commit yourself, you will be asked to read MCC policies, noting particularly MCC policies on tobacco, non-medicinal drug and alcohol use, celibacy outside of heterosexual marriage, and racial and sexual harassment. Download more information about MCC’s requirements and lifestyle expectations here: English, EspañolFrançais.

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