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Job Details: ASO/EMM: Ministry Mentor - East Africa

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ASO/EMM: Ministry Mentor - East Africa
based in Nairobi, but will travel throughout East Africa
This EMM worker will travel throughout East Africa.

East Africa has a pleasant climate. The political environment is relatively stable in much of the region, but there are pockets where the situation is more tenuous. Resident workers could be based in Nairobi.

Travel around the region could take one into rustic settings, with roads that are extremely rough and muddy.
3-12 months

1]  Ministry experience is highly desirable,
2]  ability to work with people and groups with widely varying educational levels
3]  cultural orientation, English language abilities, and organizational capacity
4]  Need to have a genuine internal passion to see disciple making and disciple-making movements ignited in East Africa
5] Must be flexible with regard to models of doing church. 
This EMM worker will Identify persons or groups in partner churches with high potential or abilities in disciple-making, liaise with these groups to instill vision, provide training, advise and consult.
Travel around the region to a circuit of churches, or offer training n a relevant specialty (e.g. evangelism, discipleship, etc. This position could be developed as a non-resident worker who visits the region once or twice a year. This person would be supervised by EMM regional rep in East Africa and would interact with the EMM East Africa team and partner churches.
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