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Job Details: ASO/EMM: English tutor in the Czech Republic

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ASO/EMM: English tutor in the Czech Republic
Czech Republic
The Czech Republic is a relatively stable country with a wide variety of products and modern conveniences comparable to those of many Western countries. There is a strong culture of independence, and education is highly valued.

Czech people can be very skeptical of outsiders and reluctant to establish new relationships, but once friendships have been made, Czechs are loyal. The religious environment is strongly atheist - a residual of the former Communist system- with a minority of Catholics and even fewer evangelicals.
6-11 months

A Bachelor of Arts degree in English is strongly recommended for any formal teaching in a school.  The only thing required for conversational English tutoring is a love of Jesus and people. 
This EMM worker will teach English language classes or offer tutor classes.
1] Serve in one of many possible settings like teach English or facilitate conversational English groups
2] Interact with students outside of class as time allows
3] Participate in a Czech church
4] Build relationships
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