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MCC Representative for Egypt
MCC does cover all basic needs (Travel expenses to and from assignment, food & household, housing, and transportation related to assignment).
Personal Allowance
Vacation Allowance
Education for children
Retirement Plan
Life Insurance and Death Benefits
Student Loan reimbursement
Resettlement Allowance
End-of-term benefits
Cairo is a bustling metropolis of 22 million people; streets are crowded and busy at all hours of the day and night. Cultural opportunities abound: museums, art galleries, theatre, ancient monuments, lectures, shopping, and restaurants. Egypt's ancient sites, natural beauty and cultural attractions are generally affordable and easy to access for day trips and longer holidays. Western consumer products, services and entertainment are readily available and prices are affordable however, MCCers are expected to live a simple lifestyle and live within budget guidelines.

There is an extensive and inexpensive network of trains, buses and taxis between and within towns and cities and MCC workers primarily use this public transportation system. Good medical care is available. The weather is hot for five months, cool for three, and beautifully pleasant with warm sunny days and cool evenings for the four months in between.

Outside of Egyptian church services (various Protestant denominations or Orthodox) in Arabic, possibilities for worshiping in English in Cairo include four or five Protestant or non-denominational congregations, Catholic Mass opportunities in several locations (and various other languages) as well as a monthly Coptic Orthodox Mass and Bible study in English.


The challenges of an MCC assignment in Cairo are basically the challenges of living in a big city. It is noisy, polluted and crowded, with significant time spent getting from one place to another. It can be difficult to build meaningful relationships with others who are caught up in hectic daily lives.

Cairo comes alive at night, in all its exuberance and noise - and when neighbors are celebrating, dogs are barking, traffic is moving and life continues, rest/sleep can be difficult.

It is essential that all MCCers in Egypt live by the lifestyle guidelines outlined in MCC policy. MCC is in Egypt in partnership with the churches and we are accountable to the church, MCC and the community.

MCC Egypt regularly adapts and adjusts security policies to reflect current security realities. These policies may include restrictions on social media postings and mobility both inside and outside of Cairo.
May 31, 2021
Feb 01, 2022
5 years
All MCC workers are expected to exhibit a commitment to: a personal Christian faith and discipleship; active participation in a Christian church or Christian community; and nonviolent peacemaking. MCC is an equal opportunity employer, committed to employment equity. MCC values diversity and invites all qualified candidates to apply.

Required for all MCC Representative Positions:
Minimum Education Level: BA/BSc or equivalent
Minimum Experience: International experience and MCC experience preferred

​Invitations to serve with MCC are contingent on the successful outcome of criminal background check(s).

1. Relational Skills: Ability to form, foster and maintain positive, working relationships with MCC service workers, MCC staff, local churches and MCC partners, building trust by demonstrating integrity in actions and communications and modeling the values of the organization. Ability to create an environment on the team that is supportive of staff who may experience oppression or sexual violence.
2. Supervisory Skills: Ability to manage/supervise personnel, which includes staff appointments and terminations, performance appraisals, interpreting and enforcing policies, conflict resolutions/problem solving and development of staff (in cooperation with the Human Resources Department).
3. Computer Literacy: Ability to use email programs, navigate the internet, locate resources, use Microsoft Excel and Word. Ability to navigate and use MCC specific databases for the purpose of planning, monitoring, evaluation, and recording.
4. Adaptability: Ability to adapt as needed to work effectively in ambiguous or changing situations and with diverse individuals and groups.
5. Analytical Thinking: Ability to analyze and synthesize information to understand issues, identify options and support sound decision making.
6. Planning and Organizing: Ability to develop, implement, evaluate and adjust plans to reach goals, ensuring the optimal use of resources.
7. Initiative: Ability to be proactive and persistent in efforts, identifying opportunities and needs then taking action for resolution.
8. Teamwork: Ability to work collaboratively with others to achieve organizational goals, taking actions that respect the needs and contributions of others.
9. Communication: Ability to listen, to model open communication and foster good will among others.
10. Self-awareness: Ability to understand one’s own emotional framework, maintain a non-defensive posture and manage personal reactivity when leadership is challenged.
11. Cross cultural/multi-cultural awareness: Ability to work with issues of equity in a cross-cultural setting.
12. Financial Management: Ability to successfully manage MCC resources within a country program.
13. Program, Monitoring and Evaluation: Ability to understand and implement Program, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Results based management.
14. Previous experience in making well-informed, effective and timely decisions, taking into consideration impact and implications within local and regional context.
15. Demonstrated ability to serve as MCC Representative without bias or conflict of interest, with ability to withstand intense pressure from local constituents.

For this specific assignment:
Minimum Education Level
Minimum Experience

1. Creativity and Innovation: Ability to generate new approaches and viable solutions.
2. Organizational Awareness: An understanding of the structure and organizational culture of large non-profit organizations, such as MCC, and ability to work successfully within the structure to achieve results.
3. Development of Others: Ability to foster worker development by providing a supportive learning environment.
4. Partnering: Ability to seek and build alliances that further MCC objectives and benefit all people.
5. Conflict Resolution: Ability to bring conflict and dissent between others into the open to arrive at constructive solution while maintaining positive relationships with all parties.
6. Risk Taking: Ability to identify, assess and manage risk while striving to attain objectives.
7. Strategic Thinking: Ability to understand and process complex information and exercise sound judgment, considering the situation, the issues and the key players. Is able to propose course(s) of action that further the objectives, priorities and vision of the program and/or MCC.
8. Team Leadership: Assumes a leadership role in helping others achieve excellent results.
9. Writing Skills: Can communicate ideas and information in writing to ensure that information and messages are understood and have the desired impact.
10. Deep commitment to the church and ability to represent Anabaptist expressions of the body of Christ to Egyptian church leaders and members in a respectful and learning posture.
The Egypt Representative(s) are responsible for the management and vision of the MCC Egypt program, now over 50 years old. MCC Egypt partners with Coptic Orthodox, Coptic Evangelical and Anglican Churches and their service agencies. These partnerships are carried out mostly through grants and personnel secondment. The Rep(s) are responsible to manage the partnerships, to foster relationships with existing and new partners, to vision new possibilities and to work with staff to develop new projects. Managing personnel is a central role in this position, including international Service Workers. Maintaining awareness of the local/national security situation is also an important aspect of the rep role. The MCC office in Cairo has three national staff working with office and project administration. The position of representative is directly responsible to the Europe and Middle East (EME) Area Directors. The Rep(s) are a part of the EME Rep group and will enjoy a collegial, supportive relationship with the other representatives in Europe and the Middle East. This group meets regularly for mutual support, visioning and reporting.

An MCC Rep role may be filled with a married couple sharing the role, with a single person, or with a married candidate whose spouse is not interested in a Rep role, in which case MCC would discuss possible roles for the spouse. MCC will consider a variety of options to support the Rep in their roles and responsibilities, based on the qualified candidates who apply.
Extreme Heat; High levels of pollution; Occasional evening and weekend work; Occasional long days; Work requires healthy boundaries; Local church not supportive to LGTBQ+ persons; Local area not supportive to LGTBQ+ persons
1. MCC Vision and Mission - Be the carrier/communicator of institutional identity in relationship to:
i. Local partners, church, government, other international NGOs
ii. MCC workers: Nurture understanding of and respect for MCC values and witness; reflect upon and communicate the spirituality of the team

2. Oversight of Country Program - Direct and oversee implementation of regional priorities and country-specific strategies
i. Select, build, maintain and strengthen relationships with partners
ii. Prepare and administer long-term country strategies
iii. Plan, monitor, report and evaluate projects
iv. Facilitate, coordinate and respond to disasters, including those that generate unexpected additional resources and require shifts in focus of time/energy and requiring development of immediate and/or short term plans
v. Understand and ensure compliance with local laws
vi. Coordinate and strengthen local advisory committees

3. Management of MCC Resources
a. Prepare, monitor and evaluate annual goals and objectives in the context of a multi-year strategic plan
b. Prepare and monitor budgets in accordance with strategic and annual plans and in alignment with Financial Management Policies
c. Develop and monitor financial record-keeping and reporting, taking corrective action where needed
d. Develop and maintain lists of inventories of equipment, including computers, vehicles, etc. along with replacement plans
e. Ensure resource stewardship across the program
f. Prepare and monitor project reporting
g. Ensure maintenance of personnel records and other documents for MCC Records and Archives
h. Provide information about the country situation.... through PlanWin, Annual Plans and Reports, Learning Tours, and written communication.

4. Select, supervise, and motivate MCC staff: International Service Workers and National staff and participants in MCC’s young adult programs (SALT/YAMEN/IVEP)
a. Negotiate suitable service assignments and write assignment descriptions
b. Select highly qualified service workers and national staff using predetermined criteria based on job content and organizational values
c. Provide orientation for new workers, including language study
d. Create an environment where all individuals are comfortable openly addressing concerns/opinions
e. Ensure spiritual, emotional and professional support for workers
f. Monitor relationships between workers and partners with whom they work
g. Implement MCC Human Resource policies and assist in policy interpretation for workers
h. Conduct timely performance appraisals and End-of-Term reports for service workers
i. Ensure workers’ compliance with MCC values and witness
j. Develop and/or monitor compensation, benefits and policies for national staff

5. Teambuilding: build and maintain MCC personnel team
a. Clarify team expectations regularly
b. Monitor team relationships
c. Lead team in decision making
d. Demonstrates skill in resolving difficult situations, drawing on a variety of resources

6. Hospitality: arrange for hospitality as needed
a. MCC program and support staff, as well as MCC constituents from North America
b. Others who are travelling in the country and who are interested in the work of MCC

7. Represent the country program and its context to MCC and Constituents
a. Cultivate and maintain awareness of the political, economic, social, cultural, and historical contexts of the country/region
b. Provide information about the situation, needs and resources of the country/region to the Area Directors and others within MCC and to MCC constituency

8. Develop channels of mutual learning and transformative relationships between Egyptian Christians and Anabaptists/MCC constituents
a. Develop relationships with the leaders and staff of Egyptian church-related institutions (partners and others) and finding ways to resource.
b. Facilitate connections with resources to/from Egyptian and western Christians, e.g. peacebuilding resources for Egyptian churches in their communities, learning experiences for Mennonite student groups in Egypt, opportunities for young adult to participate in MCC service programs (SALT/YAMEN/IVEP)
c. Regularly attend a local congregation

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