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Area Director for Central Southern Asia
MCC covers all basic needs (travel expenses to and from assignment, food & household, housing, and transportation related to assignment).
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Chiang Mai
This Area Director (AD) position is currently located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The Asia Regional office is shared with the Area Directors for Southeast Asia. MCC rents a small bungalow as an office space in Chiang Mai. An Administrative Assistant provides support for both ADs. The office is located within walking distance of several small restaurants. Both Area Directors live in close proximity to the office.

Chiang Mai is the gateway to the country’s north in what used to be the Lanna Kingdom. It is an international tourist destination with many attractions both within the city and surrounding areas. Although historical, Chiang Mai has all the facilities of a modern city with world class shopping malls and a good choice of modern hospitals and clinics. A number of countries have consulates in Chiang Mai for visa processing. The city is also a center for mission organizations and hosts two excellent Christian counselling centers.

Chiang Mai is used as the site for MCC regional trainings and retreats. Rep meetings, the Young Anabaptist Mennonite Exchange Network (YAMEN) orientations and re-entry retreats, and trainings for MCC Asia Staff have been held in Chiang Mai at the MCC Asia Regional Office or nearby facilities.

Chiang Mai is used as the destination for MCC workers in the region needing medical care or counseling if these cannot be accessed in country. This allows ADs to have more opportunities to connect with workers who are in town for counseling, waiting for a baby, or visa work.
Feb 28, 2021
Jan 03, 2022
5 Years
All MCC workers are expected to exhibit a commitment to: a personal Christian faith and discipleship; active participation in a Christian church or Christian community; and nonviolent peacemaking. MCC is an equal opportunity employer, committed to employment equity. MCC values diversity and invites all qualified candidates to apply.

1. B.A. required, Graduate Degree in relevant field preferred.
2. 5-7 years international development experience with MCC or a similar organization.
3. Experience in Central Southern Asia Area preferred.
4. Fluency in the local or predominant language of the Central Southern Asia Area.
5. Knowledge of current issues in the field of disaster relief, sustainable community development, justice and peacebuilding.
6. Proficiency in program planning, budgeting, monitoring, evaluation and reporting.
7. Management experience with a demonstrated ability to lead a team, build consensus within a team, empower staff and move agenda forward.
8. Strong relational, verbal and written communication and diplomatic skills in group leadership.
9. Demonstrated ability in working collaboratively with multiple stakeholders.
10. Commitment to working with local churches, both Anabaptist and ecumenical.
11. Understanding of and respect for MCC’s supporting Anabaptist constituencies.
12. Ability to build a team of people in a variety of locations.
13. Demonstrated ability to work in multi-cultural teams.
14. Willingness to travel up to 90 days/year.
15. Demonstrated ability to serve as Area Director without bias or conflict of interest, with ability to withstand intense pressure from local constituents.
​16. Invitations to serve with MCC are contingent on the successful outcome of criminal background check(s).
This is a senior line management position responsible for program in the Central Southern Asia Area. The Area Director (AD) in International Program carries out a joint program on behalf of MCC Canada and MCC U.S. This position is supervised by the Program Director for MCC Canada but also works closely with the MCC U.S. Program Director. This position works closely with the other Area Directors in International Program, especially the other Asia Area Director, to develop coherent strategies, priorities and networks.

The primary areas of responsibility include the following:
- Develop and implement strategic priorities and directions for the Central Southern Asia Area in alignment with larger program and agency-wide priorities and directions
- Appoint and supervise MCC Representatives and staff within the Central Southern Asia Area
- Provide oversight and evaluation for programs within the Central Southern Asia Area
- Facilitate and provide leadership to collaborate, network and communicate within the Area as well as within the program department and between that program department and other parts of the MCC system
- Serve as part of the program department’s senior leadership team, providing leadership and direction to the whole of International Programs

An Area Director role may be filled with a married couple sharing the role, with a single person, or with a married candidate whose spouse is not interested in an area director role, in which case MCC would discuss possible roles for the spouse. MCC will consider a variety of options to support the Area Director in their roles and responsibilities, based on the qualified candidates who apply.
Occasional overnights; Occasional evening and weekend work; Occasional long days; Work requires healthy boundaries; Large geographical scope; Local area not supportive to LGTBQ+ persons
Areas of Responsibility:
Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, and Nepal
This position will require up to 30% of travel.

This position requires extensive contact with other program staff, Communications and Donor Relations, and Human Resources. The Area Director in International Program also has regular contact with outside consultants, constituents and personnel applicants.

The Area Director is responsible for communicating the organizational strategic direction to MCC International Programs and serves as the first point of contact for interpreting MCC policies for both MCC Reps and Area staff. This position provides written reports to the MCC U.S./Canada Boards at least twice a year. In collaboration with the Program Director, the Area Director has the authority to approve program plans and budgets, along with making personnel-related decisions.

This position directly supervises and manages performance of the MCC Representatives and Area staff in the Central Southern Asia Area. Supervision includes conducting annual performance appraisals of MCC Representatives in the Area, ensuring that worker care is provided for all staff, as well as helping to interpret and enforce MCC policy. With input from Human Resources, the Area Director is responsible for problem solving and reporting related to personnel issues. This position is responsible for the overall budget and program plans for the Central Southern Asia Area.

The Area Director must be able to develop and articulate a vision for MCC’s work in the Central Southern Asia Area. As part of that vision, the Area Director develops and regularly updates the strategic plan for the Area and assists MCC Representatives in developing annual budgets and program plans which fit into the larger five-year plan. He/she makes decisions about the spending of MCC resources in accordance to the Area strategic plan and reports program activities to the Program Director. The Area Director serves as resource to MCC Communications and Donor Relations for issues related to their Area. The Area Director has the ultimate responsibility for programming and personnel in the Area, requiring creative approaches and solutions to a wide variety of issues. This position must be able to lead a team that is spread across the Central Southern Asia Area.

The Area Director for Central Southern Asia works closely with the other Asia Area Director to develop and implement plans and strategy for all of Asia.

Due to the nature of this position, the Area Director will need to prioritize between various, and often competing, requests for information and input.

Independent Action:
The Area Director exercises considerable independent judgment based on broadly defined outcomes in consultation with the Program Director. The Area Director must be able to lead a team, provide motivation for organizational directions and multi-task among a variety of administrative functions. In developing the five year strategic plan, the Area Director helps to set the priorities for the Central Southern Asia Area as well as all of Asia, which often has implications for the broader organization. This position gives input for the development and implementation of MCC policies. He/she must be able to problem-solve as issues arise.

End Result:
The Area Director is responsible to harness and coordinate MCC’s resources in a way that results in impactful and mutually transformative programming in their Area of responsibility within the parameters set by the Board and senior management.

Major Responsibilities:
Supervision - 50%
Program Planning/Budget - 25%
Relationship Building/Networking - 20%
Program Department Leadership - 5%


1. Develop and articulate a vision for the work of the specified Area and develop and implement strategic priorities for that Area together with the other ADs on the Continent of responsibility
2. Develop and regularly update a strategic plan for the Area, in the context of Continent-wide priorities
3. Implement strategies according to the priorities and vision for the Area and the Continent
4. Provide oversight, support and evaluation for programs and personnel within the Area
5. Develop a budget for the Area
6. Provide direction on exploring new initiatives and reducing other activities based on agreed upon priorities and program evaluations
7. Oversee and monitor the implementation of MCC’s planning system and of all MCC’s policies related to program
8. Provide active and collaborative feedback to the annual country planning process as well as timely response to mid-year update reports from the field
9. Assure a program review of each country every fiveyears sector evaluations as needed
10. Develop and maintain a plan for projected personnel needs for the Area
11. Appoint, support and supervise MCC Representatives and Area staff, who in turn serve as the primary connection with local partners
12. Assist Human Resources and Reps with service worker selection and orientation process, and ensuring worker care of Reps and all staff in their program Area
13. Facilitate and provide leadership to collaborate/network/communicate within the Area as well as within all of Asia, the program department and between the program department and other parts of the MCC system
14. Serve as part of program department’s senior leadership team providing leadership and direction to the whole program
15. Policy Interpretation, with the assistance of Human Resources
16. Regular (at least annual) trips to North America to strengthen board and constituency connections with continental issues. AD's may also be connected to board meetings by conference call or Skype when they are not physically present at the meeting
17. Familiarity with and commitment to Program Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (PME/R) and financial management
18. Oversee any MCC responses to disasters in the Area
19. Make at least one visit a year to each country
20. Other duties as assigned
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