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Job Details: Director of Administrative Services MCC U.S.

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Director of Administrative Services MCC U.S.
Medical, dental & vision, paid vacation, sick time and 9 holidays/year. Life insurance provided, long and short term disability coverage. Retirement Plan, with MCC contribution of 7% beginning after six months of employment.
United States
The city of Lancaster, PA is home to a population of 59,600 people. As of 2017, 11.3% of Lancaster city, PA residents were born outside of the country. Akron, PA. Akron PA (pop 3,500) is a small town in Lancaster County, Pa., about 10 miles from Lancaster city.

Lancaster County is home to large Mennonite, Amish and Brethren in Christ communities characterized by theological as well as racial/ethnic and cultural diversity in addition to many other church traditions. Millersville University, Franklin and and Marshall College, and Elizabethtown College (founded by Church of the Brethren) are located in Lancaster County. There are a number of smaller private, Bible and community colleges.

Approximately 70 MCC U.S. staff work in Akron. The Akron office is an open office environment.
Feb 24, 2020
May 18, 2020
All MCC workers are expected to exhibit a commitment to: a personal Christian faith and discipleship; active participation in a Christian church or Christian community; and nonviolent peacemaking. MCC is an equal opportunity employer, committed to employment equity. MCC values diversity and invites all qualified candidates to apply.

​Invitations to work with MCC are contingent on the successful outcome of background check(s)

Legal eligibility to be employed in the U.S. is required.
  •  BA or BS or equivalent experience in administration and management 
  • Minimum of 3 years work experience in similar administrative work 
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Interculturally competent 
  • Technologically proficient in Microsoft Office and experience with various software systems
  • Experience in planning, monitoring and evaluating budgets
  • Knowledge of administrative and clerical systems and procedures.
  • Working knowledge of resource allocation and staff coordination 
The Director of Administrative Services is responsible for all administrative services at the MCC U.S. Akron campus. The director is responsible for housing/hosting for more than 2500 guests each year, the reception desk, printing/mailing services, library/records, and the vehicle fleet and maintenance. The director is responsible to oversee the Akron Service Unit. The person in this position also serves on the U.S. Management Team and may at times be the MCC senior representative on site in Akron. The Director of Administrative Services has a key role in assuring that MCC values are reflected in the experience of each Akron staff and guest. Strategic planning for the MCC Akron Campus is an important part of the role.
This position requires extensive collaboration with all levels of Akron based staff and volunteers. Has frequent contacts with constituent and other organizations that plan meetings at the Welcoming Place. Has contacts across MCC U.S. regions regarding shared vehicle policies and various insurance requirements. Is the primary contact with Akron Borough office for property/building and community relations issues. Is the official contact with vendors that provide services such as vehicle lease/owner management, copier leasing, phone services campus security, etc.

Directly supervises 7 people, including managers of five sub-departments (dining hall, housekeeping, maintenance, mailroom, records and archives) in a department of 12 people; and oversees on-call staff used by Administrative Services. Responsible for program and budget planning, problem-solving and performance appraisals. Responsible for well-being of Akron Unit service workers.

The capacity to interact with all levels of personnel across the MCC system and the public is essential. Oversees the day to day functioning of the physical plant in Akron PA., including physical site risk management and problem solving. Tasks are diversified, requiring creativity and resourcefulness. Must have the capacity to communicate both internally and externally with precision and care, both in writing and orally.

Independent Action
Duties are executive and administrative. Performance is measured in terms of impact on the administrative functions of the organization. Determines own methods, approaches and priorities in consultation with the Associate Executive Director.

End Result:
Daily operations in the Akron Office and physical plant flow smoothly. Administrative needs of multiple departments are met. On site staff and the many visitors feel welcomed and cared for.

Major Responsibilities
· Operational 20%
· Administrative/management/supervision 80%

A. Operations 20%
- Ensure proper functioning with focus on strategic planning for the Akron campus.
- Act as authorized signatory for MCC U.S., including documents such as international
fuel tax agreements (Material Resources), matching gift documents (Donor Relations) etc.
- Consult and collaborate with the equivalent colleague at the Winnipeg office in MCC Canada
on issues of mutual concern.
- Track renewal dates for government certifications [i.e. Dining Hall] etc.
- Chair the Akron office Emergency Management Team and participate in the system wide
Emergency Management Team (IT).
- Participate in the MCC U.S.-wide Safety Committee (addresses workplace safety and health
regarding insurance requirements).
- Report on Administrative Services activities to the MCC U.S. board as requested

B. Management/Supervision – 40%
- Prepare program plans and budget annually for the Akron physical plant and campus.
- Hire and supervise Administrative Services staff.
- Maintain accurate job descriptions and complete annual performance/end of term appraisals.
- -Collaborate with HR and program in matters related to immigration issues that arise related to
service workers in Akron
- Direct the Hosting Services team.
- Manage the Akron Service Unit, including planning and oversight of the unit budget, unit specific policies in collaboration with respective colleagues/legal counsel), selection and lifecycle of MCC U.S. unit members.
- Manage MCC’s 8 residential rental units in 5 buildings
- Manage relationships and rental contracts with long term organizational renters
- Manage MCC’s vehicle fleet and serve as a primary contact with MCCs vehicle insurance
company in the U.S. for vehicle incidents

C. Administrative (Hosting/Office Management) – 35%
- Develop procedures, norms and forms to ensure safe and quality hosting for all guests
- Work with outside groups planning meetings and retreats at the Welcoming Place to create
excellent experiences.
-Plan 12th street office arrangements, including space allocations for all departments in
collaboration with other management team members.
- Select and purchase office equipment such as furniture, etc.
- Provide orientation and support to new office staff.
· Chair Akron office life committee which provides a forum for discussion of issues related to
office life, and oversees planning of office-wide social events, such as the summer picnic and
the Christmas banquet.
· Maintain updated Office Handbook, collaborating with HR and other colleagues to ensure
Handbook and procedures match MCC policies.
· Process annual real estate/property and school tax billings.

D. Other Tasks 5%
· Consult with Akron Borough and other officials as necessary for building or renovation.
· Carry out other assignments as determined by Executive or Associate Executive Director,
including being the onsite representative for MCC.
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