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Director of Development and Advancement
Standard MCC BC Benefit Package applies
Oct 31, 2018
Oct 15, 2018
open until suitable candidate is identified, candidates will be contacted by end of June for initial discernment
All MCC workers are expected to exhibit a commitment to: a personal Christian faith and discipleship; active membership or participation in a Christian church; and nonviolent peacemaking. MCC is an equal opportunity employer, committed to employment equity. MCC values diversity and invites all qualified candidates to apply.
  • Bachelor Degree in a related field such as business administration is preferred, a related graduate degree is desired
  • 5 years of experience in fundraising and communications or related experience in marketing, sales, public relations, and other promotional activity
  • 3 years of experience in a senior management role, preferably as Director of Development, or in a related field
  • Awareness of best practices in fundraising and communications and the ability to translate principles into effective fundraising activities
  • Expertise in a variety of fundraising methods including  direct mail, monthly donor programs, donor acquisition, major donors, special events, planned giving, and innovation in fundraising
  • Understand and support of the vision, purpose, beliefs and values of MCC
  • Ability to learn about the context and content of domestic and international program and present it in a clear and compelling manner
  • Solid understanding of the Biblical call to respond to human need, the Anabaptist commitment to peace and justice, and the ability to articulate it persuasively
  • Familiarity with the MCC constituency and the ability to network and build relations with constituent donors
  • Strong communications skills as public speaker, good writing skills for reports and stories, and a humble listener of those being engaged
  • Effective strategic planner, pro-active problem solver, flexible and open to change
  • Entrepreneurial attitude and a creative innovator at a practical level that adds value
  • Excellent inter-personal skills in a collaborative and diverse team environment where leadership is most effective through collegial influence rather than formal authority
  • Appreciation and commitment to fostering equity/diversity in the workplace
  • Approachable, humble, patient, open to criticism, good sense of humour
  • Comfortable learning and using a variety of standard software programs
  • Satisfactory criminal record check for a leadership position relating to a broad public
The Director of Development and Advancement is the chief fundraising and marketing officer that provides leadership to donor relations, communications and the advancement of MCC BC toward its mission by collaboratively developing and implementing strategies that generate awareness, relationships, engagement, support and various types of donations from within our constituency and the broader public. The Director of Development and Advancement ensures that activities are focused on approved strategic priorities and are in compliance with standard ethical requirements as well as MCC values, principles and policies.

Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) is a Christian faith based agency that provides relief, development peacebuilding initiatives in over 56 countries. MCC BC carries out local programs that address poverty here in BC and also supports the international work of MCC by generating funds, personnel, and material aid. MCC BC has an operating budget of $13 million with approximately 75 staff and over 3,000 volunteers who serve in thrift shops, relief sales, material aid activities, local programs, fundraising and other areas. MCC BC also has 4 subsidiary enterprises that operate local programs and hold donated legacy investments.

This position is available on a salaried basis. Only those candidates who are legally eligible to work in Canada should apply.
Occasional evening and weekend work; Occasional long days
• Reports to the Executive Director and is a member of the Leadership Team
• Frequent and extensive contact with Executive Director, Leadership Team, counterparts with provincial and national MCCs, and periodic contact with the Board and Advancement Advisory committee
• Regular contact with church leaders, constituents, major donors and the general public
• Collaborates with leadership and staff in other departments that have touch points with the constituency
• Collaborates with the Director of Program, Thrift & Human Resources in the engagement of churches and individuals in the mission of MCC

• Lead and supervise 9 staff and a network of volunteers serving in the area of donor relations, church relations, communications, alumni, relief sales and material resources
• Develop the capacity of the Advancement team, including the identification of staffing needs, hiring, supporting and evaluating staff and identifying ongoing training needs
• Provide expertise and support to other departments as needed

Major Responsibilities:
Donor Relations – 20%
Communications – 20%
Material Resources, Relief Sales, Festivals, Special Events – 15%
Church Relations and Constituency Engagement – 20%
Leadership, Strategic Planning and Innovation 20%
Marketing and Branding – 5%

• Participate as a member of the management team in the development of overarching policies and priorities that are consistent with the mission, beliefs and values of MCC.
• Collaborate with the Executive Director, Advancement Advisory committee, and staff in the strategic planning process and leading staff in the development of annual plans.
• Take ongoing initiative in finding synergy for cross promotion between MCC BC activities and develop new fundraising initiatives that can advance the mission of MCC.
• Provide marketing advice and support to all departments as needed and requested.
• Develop overall strategies, annual plans and budgets for approval and monitor performance of donor relations, church relations, alumni, communications, material resources, and relief sales in collaboration with related staff and the Executive Director
• Participate in collaborative planning with MCC Canada and the larger CDR network in the area of marketing, donor relations and communications
• Attend board meetings as a resource to the Executive Director and prepare reports and recommendations on issues related to areas of responsibility.
• Provide regular reports and support to the Executive Director for Board meetings as requested.
• Hire, supervise, evaluate and facilitate the development of staff with the competencies needed and in keeping with MCC mission, beliefs and values
• Collaborate with the Executive Director in the development of policies that are in keeping with MCC’s mission, beliefs and values
• Ensure that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is exemplified in the performance of all job responsibilities and through personal example.
• Model nonviolent peacemaking through daily interactions with staff and the public.
• Participate in a local church and gatherings, being willing to use his or her gifts within the local faith community.
• Participate in staff meetings and on occasion take the lead for spiritual reflection at staff meetings based on MCC mission, beliefs and values
• Carry out additional projects as assigned by the Executive Director.

Donor Relations:
• Take a lead role in the renewal of the MCC donor base, ensure MCC fundraising targets are achieved and that activities are conducted in accord with MCC values and policies
• Develop strategies and action plans relating to a wide range of fundraising activities along with ongoing evaluation of effectiveness: including:
o Ongoing direct mail appeals, new donor acquisitions, lapsed donor renewal
o Global Family and other monthly donor initiatives
o Cultivate major donors, businesses, foundations including the development of relationships, proposals and reports on the work of MCC.
o Cultivate planned giving opportunities (cash, stocks, land, goods/assets, insurance, wills and estate planning and other giving instruments)
• Initiate learning tours for donors to help foster a deeper understanding of the needs, MCC mission and program, and opportunities to make a difference
• Collaborate with the Finance and Administration Director in the management of the fundraising database and analyze trends on the donor base as a means to measure results, identify opportunities and develop fundraising strategies

• Supervise communications staff and collaborate in the development of communications strategies, plans and priorities
• Ensure communications materials are approved at the appropriate level and are in keeping with MCC values, policies, and strategies
• Collaborate with the larger MCC network and the MCC BC team in the development of strategic plans and the cultivation of the MCC brand identity
• Empower communication staff to actively seek opportunities to promote MCC activity and to envision new ways to promote and advance the work of MCC

Relief Sales, Festivals and Events:
• Supervise staff and collaborate with staff and volunteers in the development of strategies, plans and priorities related to relief sales, festivals and other events
• Attend relief sale and festival committee meetings as needed and collaborate in the renewal and strengthening of the committee and volunteer network
• Ensure activities are approved at the appropriate level and are in keeping with MCC values, policies, and strategies
• Collaborate with and empower staff and volunteers to actively seek new ways to renew and expand relief sale, festival and other events in order to increase constituency awareness, engagement and net income for MCC

Material Resources:
• Supervise material resource staff and collaborate in the development of strategies, plans and priorities
• Ensure activity is approved at the appropriate level and are in keeping with MCC values, policies, and strategies
• Empower staff to actively seek new ways to promote existing activity and to envision new ways to engage supporters in the hand-on work of MCC

Constituency and Church Relations:
• Supervise church relations staff and volunteers and collaborate in the development of strategies, plans and priorities that foster a stronger relationship between MCC and the churches and people in its constituency
• Collaborate with the Executive Director, Program Director and the Constituency Engagement staff to identify new ways to engage the church and individuals, including partnerships with local and international programs.
• Participate as part of a team of speakers and story tellers that are available to speak in churches and other MCC events.
• Collaborate with the Program Director and the Constituency Engagement Coordinator in the development of strategies for engaging the constituency on relief, development, peace and justice.
• Cultivate alumni relations and their engagement with MCC, including opportunities for alumni to serve and support MCC in a wide range of roles.

Strategic Marketing and Innovation:
• Collaborate with the Executive Director in the development of a marketing culture and marketing expertise in the organization
• Be a resource to managers within the organization to think strategically about marketing as it relates to advancing the engagement of customers, participants, volunteers and donors.
• Actively look for synergy between different areas of the organization and how they might benefit each other in advancing MCC engagement with our supporters.

MCC enjoys a constituency of very dedicated and committed donors and volunteers who value MCC and hold it in high regard. This is reflected in very generous giving of funds, large volumes of donated goods, and a broad network of volunteers engaged in a wide range of activity. The challenge of the position relates to developing a marketing culture and expertise within the organization, engaging subsequent generations in the vision of MCC, and renewing the support and engagement of churches and individuals that have an increasing range of other opportunities.
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